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Alternate Annual & "From Home" Activities -- Note that some Day of the Unborn Child events are moved to a more convenient date near March 25th -- please also see the tips on honoring the day in "transfer" years at the bottom of this webpage.  If no DOTUC/Annunciation event is listed below in the nationwide and state/city listings in your area, consider these options:


*  EWTN's Annunciation Novena Online & Broadcast Events:  (EWTN's suggested Annunciation prayer to be said each of nine consecutive days can be found here or at https://www.ewtn.com/Devotionals/Novena/annovena.htm).  Begin or end the Novena on March 25 or the transfer date

EWTN's TV broadcast often includes taped specials on the meaning of the Annnunciation and/or the Holy Land Solemn Mass of the Annunciation from Nazareth (last minute additions/changes may be made to the EWTN listings) -- you can also use these links to Watch OnLine and check the updated schedule (click on their program names to get re-air times) -- or go to their online schedule and use the find command on your phone/computer to search the term ANNUNCIATION -- times given in ET.  EWTN' annual Annunciation programming usually includes:-- Mass of the Annunciation of the Lord with MFVA--"The Franciscan Missionaries of the Eternal Word celebrate the Mass of the Solemn Feast of the Annunciation live from Our Lady of the Angels Chapel in Irondale, AL."  (PLEASE NOTE: Your cable equipment may allow you to search for special Annunciation programming -- just click the search button, or use your remote's arrow to move to it and ENTER -- then use your remote to type/choose the letters ANNUNCIATION in the search box).

*  For denominations that have church services 7-days-a-week: Attend regular daily church service on the day (or the day to which it is moved in years in which it is transferred).  Look up phone numbers and websites of local churches named after the Annunciation you may be able to attend as a mini-pilgrimage -- they may have special events planned -- use an on-line yellow pages and enter your location, and in the search box type: Annunciation 

*  There may be ongoing pro-life activities in which you can take part on March 25th -- for example, the day usually falls within or near the end of the annual spring campaign of 40 Days For Life which has prayer vigils all across the U.S. and in other countries as well (click here for more info or for a direct link to locations click here). 


If you would like to attend a Day of the Unborn Child mass but are unable or cannot find one locally, March 25th is a perfect time to sign up to be counted among participants in the Priests For Life "Celebrate the Annunciation!" prayer campaign -- visit the webpage here to read the "Redeemer in the Womb" prayer (there is also a contact link to let PFL know you will pray it regularly) -- PFL may as in past years offer 9-month Annunciation-to-Christmas programs to follow and learn the stages of prenatal life and underscore the March 25/December 25 connection -- its past programs like BabyChris.org can also enhance a local Spiritual Adoption program allowing you to pray periodically over nine months for a vulnerable child as you follow the stages of development online.  Also, as the feast draws near the American Life League home page often invites prayer intentions for their pro-life Annunciation mass -- they also offer an overview of the Biblical account of the Annunciation and ideas for home, school and parish based celebrations -- for the latest on ALL's Annunciation Mass prayer intentions enter Annunciation in their website search box or click here for ALL Annunciation articles.



2021  (Click here to skip to International Events & others outside the U.S.)


[Locations/Churches that usually have an Annunciation or Day of the Unborn Child event but have not publicized details for the current year will have a website or contact information listed -- please visit site or call the parish, council, etc. for up-to-date info.]


Please note that the list below includes both Day of the Unborn Child events, general pro-life events, and those that celebrate the Annunciation only, as well as those that combine these elements.  Not all Annunciation themed events are explicitly pro-life -- note the name of the event and description.  The event listing is a free service for those seeking events to attend--inclusion does not imply affiliation or endorsement in either direction and print materials offered via this site may not be available at the events listed below (for a complimentary prayer card, contact the webmaster directly).

Nationwide, Worldwide, Multi-Location Events, and From-Home Events:


Mar. 25, 2021: U.S. Nationwide: Closing of USCCB's "Walking With Moms In Need" Year of Service to Pregnant Mothers that began March 25th, 2020 and ending March 25 2021 -- Take time on March 25th to pray for good fruit to be born of these efforts and that a renewal of the commitment to help pregnant mothers and their unborn children will take place each March 25th/Annunciation Feast of Christ's Conception.  The start date marked the 25th anniversary year of the pro-life document Evangelium Vitae (The Gospel of Life) which was promulgated in 1995 on the March 25th Annunciation feast date of Christ's conception/Incarnation (a feast day the Vatican and many nations later honored annually as Day of the Unborn Child). (For more information including text of the "Prayer for Pregnant Mothers" visit the WalkingWithMoms website to learn about the year of service.)


State Listing:




Usually 7 a.m. -- Conventual Mass w/ the Nuns, Main Church, Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament.  The beautiful and impressive shrine regularly seen on the EWTN television network offers Annunciation masses.  It is located at 3222 County Rd. 548, Hanceville, AL 35077. Phone: 205-795-5717

Click here for the shrine's events page, or here to go directly to their Annunciation event page -- Watch EWTN for broadcast and replays throughout the day.



"Feast of The Annunciation -- the patronal Feast Day for the town and university -- is always a big event in Ave Maria."  For more details see their Annunciation event listing and the general events at the aveherald.com home page as well as the Ave Maria University website events listing. Also click on the bulletin link for the week of the Annunciation at the Oratory/Quasi-Parish at this link..

VENICE (and surrounding area)

For info on Annunciation events or Novena Masses for Life from Annunciation to Christmas click here -- past offerings on the site have included graphic ads, flier, schedule, registration form, and suggested prayers of the faithful for each month.  Info may also be found at the diocesan website -- click here for news and updates and check the calendar here for events/masses in March and the following months on or near the 25th.




Contact the Family Resources Center for info on annual Annunciation events:  The center is located at 415 N.E. Monroe St., Peoria, IL 61603.  Phone: 309-637-1713.  You can also visit the Peoria diocese Respect Life website here and check the calendar here -- additional information may be posted at their blog site and categorized in its Upcoming Events, Update, and Respect Life Celebration links, or at its Facebook and Twitter accounts.  Click here for more on the FRC

New York


(Click here for Yearly Events and scroll down to the month of March for more.)  A special Day of the Unborn Mass is often scheduled at St. Aloysius Gonzaga church on or near the March 25th Annunciation feast date -- as it may be days before the 25th, contact the parish early or Knights of Columbus Bishop Benincasa Council #10868 to get current info)


March 25, 2021 (and/or Preparatory Novena Mar.17th-25th)-- St. Mary of the Cataract Church -- 241 4th St., Niagara Falls, NY 14303 -- Feast of the Annunciation Preparatory Novena and March 25th Day of Prayer:  Please join us at St. Mary of the Cataract Church in adoration and prayer on the March 25 Annunciation Feast of Christ's Conception and international Day of the Unborn Child.  Silent Adoration will begin after the 12:10 pm Mass and continue to 5:30 pm, the Chaplet of Divine Mercy will be prayed at 3:00, then the Rosary at 5:30, before a closing Benediction at 6:00.  [March 25th, 2021 also marks the closing of the USCCB "Walking With Moms In Need" outreach timed to coincide with the end of Evangelium Vitae's Silver Anniversary year -- the encyclical was promulgated intentionally on this central Incarnational feast date of March 25th, a symbolic nine months before Christmas].  Feel free to come in person or pray at home for good fruit to be born of outreach to pregnant mothers and for renewal of the commitment every year on March 25th, and equally -- to uphold respect for vulnerable human life before birth and beyond, with reverence for Christ's Incarnation in the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary.   A pro-life prayer for nine consecutive days can be prayed as a Novena for these intentions -- March 17th through March 25th (for at-home observance, or preparation for in-person participation).

NEW YORK, NY (NYC and surrounding area):

March 25th, 2021 -- [Registration Required] International Gift of Life Walk - NYC -- New York City (5th annual).  9 am - 11 am.  For more info visit the website, or the Facebook page, and follow on Twitter @IGLW_NYC -- Annual event.




(Events publicized well in advance are more likely to be included in the listing.  For late additions also visit facebook.com/AnnunciationDayMarch25 just before the day.)


Help us build our listings by submitting info on upcoming March Day of the Unborn Child or Feast of the Annunciation events.  Contact us with as many details as possible:  the name of the event, date, place, time, phone or website (if applicable). 


International Events (& national events outside the U.S.):


Note:  Spanish speaking countries often have multiple large-scale nationwide pro-life events centered on the March 25th feast -- to find events in one of these nations as the day approaches visit pro-life websites for that country, many of which are included on our Recent Developments page -- or see http://veladas25.org and http://sialavida25m.org for more information.  (The Google search engine site's language tools link can be used to produce an English translation of websites in other languages).  Also, the internationally known Annunciation shrines/churches of Walsingham England, Loreto Italy, and the actual site of the Annunciation/Incarnation at Nazareth's Annunciation basilica offer the ultimate opportunity to make your own event with an actual pilgrimage (and for those who cannot visit in person, virtual tours, and armchair pilgrimages can also be made via home video and at various sites on-line -- for live webcam virtual pilgrimage to Annunciation basilica see Nazareth section under Israel/Holy Land below.)


NOTE:  For liturgical and other reasons, events may take place several days before or after March 25.  (In Australia the date may be up to a week earlier so check well in advance).  If the date is other than the 25th, it will be noted in the listings.  Since information comes from a variety of sources, you may want to call the church/venue to confirm.  If a location is listed with no event, it means one was held there in recent years -- see the past events archive to find the church or organization to contact for any current events.



For Info on events in Argentina, where the Day of the Unborn Child originated, please visit click here



For a cradio.org.au interview on the importance of this day in Australia click here



Click here to check for current info.



Click here or see the page for East Perth's Pregnancy Assistance for events at St. Mary's Cathedral.



Please note: Day of the Unborn Child mass at St. Mary's Cathedral, then Angelus, procession, benediction and related events are often celebrated several days early  -- visit lifeandfamily.com.au -- Click here for more info.  Program usually includes: Morning Solemn Mass at St. Mary's Cathedral; 12 pm Angelus on Cathedral Forecourt followed by Procession; 1:30 pm Benediction Inside the Cathedral. 

(Note the stained glass window of the Annunciation inside St. Mary's Cathedral, Sydney)

Contact St. Mary's Cathedral and/or visit their website page here for more info (including flyer) on their Annunciation Day of the Unborn Child events.  For more information on their Annunciation schedule see their events calendar HERE -- and click the date.


Israel/The Holy Land (Including Virtual Internet Pilgrimage)

NAZARETH -- (Actual & Virtual Live Webcam Pilgrimage)


The ultimate special event to celebrate the feast day is a pilgrimage to the Annunciation church/basilica in Nazareth, where an inscription inside states "The Word was made flesh here."  Virtual pilgrimages can be made via the live feed from the site of the Annunciation in Nazareth at the grotto -- it creates a lovely visual background for prayer and/or contemplation on Christ's conception -- to be able to see in real time the place where the Word became flesh, and pilgrims coming to visit this hallowed Holy Land site at the Church of the Annunciation.  (For group prayer use a device with a large screen).  The live feed is viewable 15 hours a day at https://www.cmc-terrasanta.com/en/event/live-from-the-grotto-of-the-annunciation-in-nazareth/369 -- in EST the times are 11 pm through 2 pm the next day (please note the live feed is often on 24/7 but light levels may be too low to see anything but candlelight).  If you are interested in traveling to the Holy Land, click here for information on in-person pilgrimages to Nazareth's Annunciation church, and www.cicts.org gives information on events/Masses for the Annunciation at the basilica in Nazareth as the day approaches.  Click here to visit the official site of the basilica, and here for the webpage featuring a video on the new pilgrim's tour that combines the basilica with the archaeological site (click the four-arrows box in the lower right YouTube screen for full size image).  A mini photo slide show from the archaeological museum can be viewed here.  There is also an informative ChristianNewsToday article on how the Annunciation feast is celebrated in Nazareth ("Nazareth During the Feast of the Annunciation" by Nicole Jansezian for travelujah.com) available here -- events include a special Mass, a traditional parade, and guided tours by the Nazareth Cultural and Tourism Association highlight Mary's Well Square, the Greek Orthodox Annunciation Church, Pilgrims' Route, the House of Culture and Art, Alleys of the Old City, and the Basilica of the Annunciation.  For a site that includes one pilgrim's insights on the import of the March 25th feast inspired simply from driving by the Annunciation basilica, click here.





Consider a virtual pilgrimage to The Holy House of Loreto in Loreto Italy, also known as the Santa Casa di Loreto, long visited as an Annunciation pilgrimage site.  According to tradition, the actual house in Nazareth where the Annunciation/Incarnation took place was moved to Loreto.  A basilica was built at the site--Basilica of the Holy House (Basilica della Santa Casa)--click here for the official website.  A pictorial tour of the Holy House can be found here.  Click here for more information on pilgrimages to Loreto, including the "armchair" pilgrimage video that aired on EWTN hosted by Bob and Penny Lord available here.  Other video pilgrimages available include two from EWTN's Religious Catalogue--"Loreto: The Mystery of the Holy House" (click here for info on this item # 20445) and also "Forgotten Heritage: Europe and Our Lady" (click here for item # HDFH2) which is a combined set that features Loreto among other important locations including the Annunciation-themed pilgrimage site of Walsingham in England.  Videos such as these can be shown for church groups, family gatherings, and individuals if an actual pilgrimage isn't possible.  You can also take virtual on-line tours and view website pictorials of Loreto.



For information on events click the following link and contact the organization.  The bottom of their English translation page notes that in 1999 "The Polish Association for Human Life Protection was registered on the 25th March" -- 25 marzec. 



For the most current info visit http://blog.sanandresarrixaca.es/ that includes an an entry on the day's significance as well as links to the materials below -- and also check the websites at and http://veladas25.org/ for and http://sialavida25m.org/ for more information.


Cartel -- Posters ("Blessed be the fruit of thy womb" is the title):  Right-click to save:  cartel.pdf

Rosario y oraciones por la vida -- Rosary and Prayers for Life:  Right-click to save:  rosario-y-oraciones-por-la-vida.pdf

Oracion por la vida en los lugares de culto -- Prayers for the Churches:  Right-click to save:  oracion-por-la-vida-en-los-lugares-de-culto.pdf

En la eucaristia y la liturgia de las horas -- Liturgy of the Hours:  Right-click to save:  en-la-eucaristia-y-la-liturgia-de-las-horas.pdf

Estampa -- Prayer Card:  Right-click to save:  estampa.pdf  

United Kingdom



Virtual Visit or Pilgrimage: Given the nearly one-thousand year history of Walsingham as an Annunciation pilgrimage center, consider honoring the day with a visit to one of its shrines--click here for more info on both the Anglican and Catholic shrines of "Walsingham--England's Nazareth".  Consult the shrines’ events and calendar pages for current schedules.  If an actual pilgrimage isn't possible, consider an armchair pilgrimage via virtual on-line tours and pictorials.  In 2017 Catholic television network EWTN launched its first U.K. studio here -- located north of London at the Village of Walsingham in a three-story building named "Annunciation House," it includes a visitors' center and reception area -- click here for an article that notes the link between the Annunciation and EWTN via Walsingham (additional info on the studio can be found here).  For general Walsingham info, click here for travel/tour information including a map.  More info on visiting Walsingham including photos can be found here--(pause cursor over picture to get a caption).  Click here for additional tour/pilgrimage information and then scroll down for a mini photo tour.  An informative article on Walsingham ("Walsingham: England's Holiest Shrine" by John P. Seely) with pictures can be found here.  EWTN Religious Catalogue (1-800-854-6316) offers a video pilgrimage that combines Walsingham with other significant locations including the Annunciation-themed site of Loreto--"Forgotten Heritage: Europe and Our Lady" (click here for the combined set item # HDFH2).  Also available from EWTN on DVD is a beautiful historical and visual tour of "Walsingham: England's Nazareth" (alternately titled "Walsingham: England's National Shrine Of Our Lady" or simply "The Story of Walsingham") hosted by Joanna Bogle (click here for info):  In this special Fr. Noel Wynn (director of the Catholic shrine) is interviewed at the Slipper Chapel.  Asked by the host if Walsingham is indeed finding its place once again in the 21st century, he replies:  "I think perhaps more so than ever.  The message of Walsingham is the message of the Incarnation."  Another distributor offers an equally lovely video that can serve as a virtual pilgrimage for church groups, family gatherings and individuals that includes more details on the history of Walsingham as dedicated to The Annunciation -- Part 3 of the 4 part series The White Dove of Peace (click here for availability) which aired on EWTN in 2008:  Part 3 of the documentary begins with modern-day pilgrims gathered to pray the Angelus near Walsingham on the millennium Feast of the Incarnation, with the following voiceover:  "March the 25th 2000, was the two-thousandth anniversary of the Incarnation--the miracle of God coming down from Heaven and making his home with human beings.  The simple house at Nazareth and the room where Mary heard the angel's message and where her son was conceived, have long since vanished from Palestine, but in the Middle Ages a replica of it, which was built near here, brought innumerable pilgrims to this place to venerate Mary and to ponder the mystery of the Incarnation."  Later on in the program the narration continues:  "The message of Walsingham therefore--is the Annunciation"--"By divine providence, Walsingham was destined to become a reminder of Nazareth, in the heart of the English countryside.  It is evidence that England had a unique part to play in the purposes of God."  For a website featuring an article that addresses the pro-life import of the Annunciation and Walsingham ("The Virgin of Walsingham" by Father James T. Moore, Pastor, Our Lady of Walsingham Catholic Church, & Past President, Texas Catholic Historical Society) click here.  A book entitled "Walsingham: Pilgrims and Pilgrimage" by Michael Rear is published by St Paul Publishing, London 2011.



Tips on Transfer Years~How to Utilize the Interval Between the Traditional & Rescheduled Dates:

[Feel free to use the sample posting below in years when the Annunciation is transferred]


What To Do In "Transfer" Years When Annunciation Celebrations Are Moved? -- Treat The Interval As A Mini Season:  When Holy Week conflicts result in Annunciation and Day of the Unborn Child events being transferred from the usual feast date of March 25th (nine months before Christmas) to another day in March or even early April, it is easy to view the rescheduling as an unfortunate compromise.  Yes, it is easier to point out the feast as marking Christ's conception when it's a neat nine months before Christmas, but even if delayed till the second week of April it's still an approximate pregnancy-length interval, and the best thing we can do in such years is to use the time in a positive way that promotes the celebration of the feast.  Treat the interval between the traditional and transferred date as a mini season -- a time to prepare.  Christmas and Easter have long preparatory seasons of Advent and Lent for prayer and preparation, as well as multi-day activities associated with them.  But Annunciation as a one-day event often catches us unaware with no cultural cues to help us prepare.  We can use the interval between the traditional Annunciation date and its celebration date in "transfer" years as an extended time to prepare, pray, meditate, and have multi-day activities to maximize the impact of this central holy day.  For example: Individuals might say an opening prayer of gratitude for the Incarnation on March 25th and use the days before a delayed celebration to pray and reflect on Christ's prenatal life from the moment of conception.  Families can gather the materials to make Annunciation cards or cut-out-cookies on March 25, and use the days before the celebration to make, decorate, and send them.  Churches, schools, and organizations can have multi-day drives to collect baby items, or fill baby bottles with spare change to donate to local pregnancy-centers -- initiatives that are more effective with a longer period to drop off items and have the added benefit of focusing attention on the feast.  For example, prominently displaying a large decorated collection box throughout the interval with a large-print sign noting the drive's start/end dates and their significance gives people more opportunity to donate and to learn about the Annunciation.  Perhaps the simplest way for churches to use the time is to publish daily reminders of Annunciation events and reflections in-print or on-line -- the church bulletin on or before March 25 can note the two days and ask parishioners to pray for a specific intention each day of the interval -- blogs and social media can reinforce the feast's Incarnational and pro-life import with a posting for each day.  Whether we like the practice of transferring the Annunciation, or would prefer the Greek Orthodox approach of combined feast days that keep it on March 25, if we focus on the positive we'll see a wider window -- instead of having one day to raise awareness, you have several, and in some years as much as two weeks.  Just use these preparatory days to pray, meditate, and educate. 


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