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Table of Contents


Day Of The Unborn Child--Feast Of The Annunciation


Historical Background


Recent Developments


An Ecumenical Celebration In Various Faith Traditions


Prayer To Christ Unborn--Free "March 25th" Cards


Events--Local & National


Fast & Fascinating Facts


Ideas For Honoring The Day: Public & Private Observance


9 Months 4 Life: Pro-Life Prayer from Mar.25 to Dec.25


25thOfTheMonthClub~Once-A-Month YearRound Tips


Use WebBanners, Ecards, Note/PostCards, Signs & Seals


Worship Resources


Dates to Promote March 25th Year-Round


Crochet Wrist-Rosary -- Mail-Safe--1 Stamp


Pope Francis On March 25th & Christ Unborn


Further Reading and Instructional Materials


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